Thursday, 16 July 2009

From King's to Queens Research Paper

The entire British Studies Program was invited to a welcoming presentation organized jointly by University of Southern Mississippi and King's College. Most notably, the Reverend Tim Ditchfield spoke. He was very welcoming and had a great sense of humor. He talked about the bizarre game of cricket of which we should all be aware, but more importantly he spoke of the history of King's College. When the College of London was first built, it was set up in the Humanist tradition to be separated from religion. Some people who were outraged formed King's College as a reaction so they could send their children to a school with a religious background. That's what sets King's College apart from other colleges. I was reading on their website that their library includes religious texts as well. Queens is part of the City Universities of New York (CUNY) which is a public, government fundend organization of colleges. There is a separation of religion, but there are various religious organizations on campus. At the reception that followed the speeches, I had a chance to speak to Tim Ditchfield. He gave me the contact information of Margaret Robinson, a librarian at King's College. I wrote her an email requesting to speak with her about King's Library.

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