Friday, 24 July 2009

From Queens to King's Research Paper

After meeting Tim Ditchfield, the reverend at King's College, who gave me Margaret Robinson's email address, I decided to email Margaret and copy Tim. Tim replied thanking me and asking me if I needed anything. Margaret hasn't replied yet. The email was sent July 16th. I emailed Tim to ask if he could contact Margaret on my behalf, if he knew of any other librarians, or if he could tell me where the library is if he would suggest going there without an appointment. Unfortunately, I received an out of office reply saying that he would be back August 16th. Back to the start.
After noticing a room resembling a library in the building that housed the computer lab, I asked the guard where the library was, if that was the main library (as King's College could be spread over different buildings), and if I had access to it. It is the main library, but I do not have access to it. However, he said that they would probably be happy to talk to me for my research purposes as long as I didn't borrow books. Mission (almost) accomplished!
King's College Library has online chat reference, so I was just chatting with a librarian. He explained that there were five libraries at King's College and that I should focus on one. He gave me the email info of the library enquiry. Hopefully, it all works out.
The librarian could not guarantee that a visit would be possible.
I am going to experience Shabbat this weekend, which is a Jewish day of rest that occurs once a week. I will be visiting my cousins in East Finchley. They are orthodox, which means that they follow Jewish laws and traditions very closely. It is different from how I am used to living, but I am slightly familiar with it. I know that I need to wear a long skirt and long sleeves; I can't use electricity or take photos or use the internet. They don't drive cars or cook or write or draw. They just read, talk, and pray from sunset on Friday to sundown on Saturday. It should be fun!

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