Monday, 13 July 2009

From Queens to King's

The purpose of this blog is to fulfill an assignment for the British Studies Program and to document my one month trip in London. I am a graduate student from Queens College in New York who is studying at King's College in London; hence, the title of this blog, "From Queens to King's." It's fun to compare my ID cards in this photo. I also thought these Queen and King cards were on topic and adorable.
My class is studying library science, and we will be visiting many libraries in London. There are 17 students in my class from across the United States.

We are staying at the Stamford apartments at King's College. They are located near the Waterloo tube stop and close to the Thames. The rooms are cozy and cute. Here is a photo of my room. We each have our own room and share a kitchen.

As part of the scheduled activites, we were taken on two walks. One walk I decided to take was along the Thames with the art photography professor. She described how to take successful photos and the elements that make a photo work well. She discussed different elements, composition, backrounds, relationships, lighiting, and waiting for the right moment. She also pointed out some good shots.

The second walk I went on was led by the economics professor. He discussed the history of retail and took us to some historic shopping areas near Piccadilly Circus. He explained how retail evolved with the invention of glass panes in store fronts and how feminism took off as business owners sided with their female patrons who threw cobble stones to shatter their store windows. The professor also pointed out a good place to have tea and the location of where the Beatles played their last concert.

Getting over jetlag was challenging. I was tired during the day and awake at night. I was hungry at random times. I had a difficult time adjusting, and it took me a few days to recover. It was if I were getting over an illness... I love the accents here. The British accent is so eloquent and beautiful. Sometimes I do not understand them. Many students traveling with us are from the American South. Their accents sound more sweet and calm. I wonder how my New Yorker accent sounds to the British and to the Southerners... The food is actually good. Everyone told me it would be awful, so I have been pleasantly surprised... I am amazed at the historic and detailed architecture that is everywhere. It is beautiful! In New York, we have mostly plain, modern, tall, rectangular office and apartment buildings with small patches of architectural character depending on the area of the city.

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  1. Great title !!! I like your picture too..

    May be you'll meet your prince at King's College..